Hybrid Landscapes: Drawings

In the Hybrid Landscapes series, I summarize my previous work. I examine the maximum and the minimum in a metaphorical – abstract manner and I devote myself to the painting visualization of rhythm, that is an integral part of both music and poetry. These are large format paintings and drawings inspired by the inner and outer landscape, poetry, and music. I capture restlessness in the drawings, I work with the theme of emptiness and clusters of lines. I contrast neurotic and dramatic gestures with subtle and fragile expressions that also stem from oriental calligraphy. I work with clusters of colours and conversely with their absence. In the agency of painting, I try to express a rather stable mass and depth with the help of colours and their intertwining. The study of astrology led me to the topic of contrasts, the effort to perceive fleetingness and immortal stability in infinite space, the meanings of cosmic bodies and their interweaving in the abstract unit. It is an expression of the cessation of the elapsed time, the neurotic intensity conserved in the material mass of eternity.

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