Decomposed Sublime

In the Decomposed Sublime series, I develop the theme of a crumbling abstract landscape that could be perceived as a metaphor of the present. By depicting it in disintegration, I express the general loss of paragons and their devastation, as in the landscape itself. The main theme is „Nobility“, in which I do not look for a path towards realistic descriptions of landscapes as such, but in which I pay tribute to its abstractness and incomprehensibility. The Decomposed Sublime is a metaphor drawing attention to today’s decadence in an antipole with a ruined romantic idea of grandeur. At the same time, the concept of loftiness contains an immortal aesthetic with today’s touch of acid colour combinations. The decay is illustrated by installations made of small monochromes expressing „drops“ of landscape fragments. Massive, elongated and dramatic silhouettes of landscapes, however, are uncertain in their materiality and turn into fluidity.

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